Semiconductor Assembly Materials



Adhesives and Dielectrics for Heterogeneous Integration

北京PK赛车网站电子 & Imaging’s family of adhesives and dielectrics provide leading-edge permanent bonding materials solutions to meet key requirements for today’s high-density, thinner packages used in mobile products and high-performance computing.

  • Photo-patternable dielectrics to bond chips requiring specific structures
  • Non-photo-patternable bonding materials using laser or dry-etch processes to bond chips with simple or limited pattern requirements

北京PK赛车网站电子 & Imaging’s permanent bonding materials for 3DICs, 内存堆栈, 图像传感器, 和MEMS应用程序:

  • 创建强大的债券
  • Ensure good planarization and reflow
  • Improve thermal stability and reliability
  • Provide good optical transparency across wide spectrum
  • Permanent bonding materials are adhesives and dielectrics used to assemble IC logic chips, 内存芯片, 图像传感器设备, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, and more into high-density heterogeneously-integrated packages. 这些高密度, ultra-thin electronic packages are needed for artificial intelligence (AI) in high-performance computers, 数据中心, 5G, and high-end mobile products.

  • When building today's high-density, thinner electronics packages, semiconductor device manufacturers rely on permanent bonding materials for stacking chips using either chip-to-wafer or wafer-to-wafer stacking processes

  • DuPont delivers a full portfolio of packaging and assembly materials for the semiconductor industry. 点击这里 to view a short video of our comprehensive offerings.

Semiconductor Assembly Materials

  • 盖子密封胶粘剂


    DuPont’s portfolio of silicone-based lid-seal adhesives are designed to handle the high functionality of today’s advanced packaging processes, delivering the performance needed for today’s high-performance computing, mobile and automotive electronic applications.

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Thermal Interface Materials

    Our thermally conductive silicones are designed to handle the heat dissipation of today’s advanced electronic devices.

  • 死连接粘合剂


    Ordinary die-attach adhesives suit ordinary chip applications. But when a chip design must deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures, 高水分, or stressful environments look to 北京PK赛车网站电子 & Imaging for extraordinary solutions.

  • 死密封剂


    Our silicone die encapsulants maintain reliable performance even at the high reflow temperatures required for lead-free solder processing or stringent thermal stress-reliability testing conditions.

  • Permanent Bonding Dielectrics

    Permanent Bonding Dielectrics

    Photo-patternable dielectrics and non-photo-patternable adhesives make possible chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer stacking for heterogeneous integration.