新闻稿 2020年4月6日

The first masks featuring the filter technology are being used as part of a project to supply masks to Minnesota’s M Health Fairview network


随着新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行在全球蔓延,康明斯公司. (NYSE: CMI) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) are helping address the nation’s shortage of N95 respirator masks. 康明斯的NanoNet®和NanoForce®媒体技术, 它使用北京PK赛车网站的混合膜技术(HMT), 通常会在空气中被发现, 燃料 and lube filtration products used in heavy-duty diesel engines to prevent long-term engine wear, but also can be used in the N95 respirator masks worn by healthcare professionals to filter harmful airborne particles that can spread 新型冠状病毒肺炎. 

最近几周,为了应对新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行,对N95口罩的需求激增. Many of the world’s leading mask 制造rs are in need of the critical materials to assemble the mask and are struggling to meet demand. 

“Cummins is re-evaluating our supply base and manufacturing capabilities to identify how we can support our healthcare professionals who rely on critical personal protective equipment to do their jobs,艾米·戴维斯说, 康明斯过滤副总裁. “Our NanoNet® Media can fill a key supply void and help address the mask shortage facing the United States and other countries around the world.” 

The first mask prototypes using Cummins’ donated media were assembled by University of Minnesota teams in March as part of an initiative to provide masks to M Health Fairview and other Minneapolis-based healthcare systems. 随着新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情升级, the University of Minnesota realized their supply of N95 masks to protect healthcare workers would potentially run out in a matter of weeks. 应对这一挑战, 一群设计师, 工程师, 化学家, 外科医生, anesthesiologist and apparel and clothing experts from the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Engineering in Medicine; Medical School; College of Design; College of 科学 and Engineering; and Center for Filtration Research Consortium (CFR) came together to address this projected shortage of critical personal protective equipment. 

“我们首先认识到的是过滤研究中心的专家, 谁直接与康明斯工作, is that not all filtration materials are created equal and that the Cummins material is an excellent alternative,雅各布·托拉尔说, 明尼苏达大学校园卫生官员和医学院院长. “We are tremendously grateful for the generous donation from Cummins of their filtration materials toward our mask effort. 自过滤介质到达后, 我们已经能够取得快速的进展, 现在我们相信我们有几个可行的口罩选择, 包括一次性和可重复使用的选项. These designs show real promise in keeping our healthcare workers safe should standard medical supplies of N95 masks no longer be available,”托拉尔继续说.

The project also aims to provide open source instructions that other healthcare systems and groups can use to create their own respirator masks.

While DuPont’s innovative and unique Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT) is typically integrated with Cummins’ synthetic fibers to protect sensitive engine components, it has multiple other applications that can include filtration media used in N95 respirator masks. 

DuPont’s Hybrid Membrane Technology goes beyond the limits of traditional semi-porous or nonwoven membranes for air and liquid filtration. 用专有的纺纱工艺制成, 混合技术材料由连续的亚微米纤维组成. The end result is a “membrane-like” sheet structure that balances breathability and high filtration efficiency of particulates. 

“We are proud to make our advanced technology available to help protect more caregivers on the front lines of this global health crisis,惠普·南达说, 全球副总裁 & 北京PK赛车网站水务解决方案总经理. “We thank our partner Cummins for transitioning the use of its production line to help address the global shortage of N95 mask materials, and we thank the experts at the University of Minnesota for their leadership in testing and designing several mask options for the benefit of many healthcare systems. By working together—and innovating new applications of existing technologies and materials—we hope to slow the spread of this terrible virus.”

The N95 designation means the respirator can block at least 95 percent of particles from entering the wearer’s nose and mouth. 当康明斯的NanoNet®Media使用行业标准测试方法进行测试时, 它超过了N95设计的性能要求. Cummins’ manufacturing facilities have since provided media samples to mask 制造rs across the globe to test its effectiveness.

While products featuring Cummins’ media will need to be vetted and approved by the National Institute for Occupational 安全 and Health (NIOSH), the company is preparing to do its part to help relieve the burden facing the healthcare industry. “We’re working as quickly as possible with healthcare regulators and other partners to help certify products with our materials, 并准备我们的生产设施以满足需求,”戴维斯说. 

有兴趣了解更多康明斯媒体技术的口罩制造商可访问 http://cumminsfiltration.com/respiratormedia.

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